Mint Garden Crown

Join Us For Lunch or Dinner

Monday to Saturday from 11:00am to 8:00pm. Enjoy authentic Vietnamese meals or snacks, add a special vegetable spring roll or a side of salad.

You can substitute Fresh Vegetables instead of Rice or Noodles just add $2

Some Recent Dishes

  • Mint Garden Healthy Fresh Rolls

    Healthy Fresh Rolls

    We make our amazing fresh rolls & salads with super fresh ingredients. Mint Garden is all about providing healthy meals that make your body feel good.

  • Brenda's Lunch Special

    Brenda's Special

    Okay, maybe you haven't heard, we serve up delicious lunch specials everyday. Wait till you try the 'Brenda Special', AMAZING!

  • Mint Garden Shrimp Wonton

    Shrimp Wonton Pho

    Pho just happens to be Mint Garden's Specialty. It all starts with rich savoury broth, vegetables, sprouts and your choice of meat.

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying...

  • I would highly recommend trying this restaurant out if you enjoy Vietnamese Cuisine. Even more, I recommend the curry dishes. You might need a double order of rice if you want to soak up all the curry sauce though.

    Cam Miner Cam Miner, Happy Customer

  • Hands down the best place to eat in all of Newmarket. No contest whatsoever.

    Steven Kouzoukas Steven Kouzoukas, Regular at MG

  • The Mint Garden has amazing food. Tanya is a great cook and consistently serves up delicious meals that both my wife and I love.

    Rob & Brenda Rob & Brenda, Mint Lovers